Take your work up a notch with shit-hot materials!

As with many things, you get what you pay for with paint.

If you buy the shit paint from the $2 shop, it’s watered down and the pigments suck

If you get the mid-range stuff from the art store, its semi-decent
This paint is what I learned with. It’s what most people learn with.

And then I had the chance to try another artist’s top-shelf paint.

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I know SOOOOO MANY PEOPLE have this block!

Hell, even I had this block.

I remember when I first realised I wanted to be an artist.

I had been making jewellery and selling it at markets for a living.

But deep down I REALLY wanted to be painting.

I wanted to be a painter.

I wanted that to be my life.

“But I think I’m shit!!”
“I don’t know how to paint!”
“I don’t know how to draw people!!”

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Many Pies = Many Money Channels

My housemate and I were reflecting on how I have my fingers in so many pies at the moment.

Paintings, yoni paintings, vulva earrings, a cafe day job.

I realised that all these "pies" came from me trying to figure out how to earn money while I’m working towards my first exhibition. 
I’ve been making heaps of art I’m not able to sell any of it - YET.

But thats okay - I’m loving finding all the other avenues that can make me money. 
I’m committed to learning how to thrive as an artist.

And I’ve found another pie that I want to stick my finger into.

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✨Why I love designer candles - and other useless shit✨

I’ve been struggling a lot with the idea of sales lately. Trying to sell something that I believe isn’t necessary.


Art isn’t necessary - evolutionarily speaking


Its beautiful, striking, divine, can bring humans to their knees and be so moving as to invoke tears. But I’m struggling with its necessity.


I’m struggling to figure out how it solves any huge problems in peoples lives and being able to leverage that to sell it with ease.


I have no idea how to get people to buy stuff when I don’t think they need it.


I feel like I’m creating unnecessary objects. and thats probably why i’m useless at selling

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All through my school years I was highly creative. 

In year 12 I thought I wanted to be an interior designer. 

Then I left school and moved to Melbourne. I got a job in a delicatessen in Toorak frequented by trophy wives and soon realised that if I wanted to be an interior designer then these would likely be my clients. FUCK THAT! ........

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How being "on fire" leads to burnout.



Get big, become known, pump out artwork, grow my Instagram, grow grow move forward, run workshops, live from my art, make a living, figure out my finances, respond to emails, post a blog every now again, do more Instagram work, take photos, pump out more artwork, do commissions, figure out how to fill workshops, go to the post office, fix my website…. ET CETERA.


A few days ago I posted an artwork entitled “on fire” because I had been on fire those last two weeks. But a few days later my energy troughed, my hormones kicked in and the veil lifting power of my mensturation slapped me in the face - "you’re trying to go too fast."

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