I have a blog, and its kind of scaring the shit out of me!

I am starting a blog.

It feels edgy.

I’m scared of being judged, but I’m also scared of staying small… So today feels like I can go head-long into that fear and allow myself to be big, to share my story, share my highs and lows, transcendental moments and deep humanness with my expanding tribe. 

The first few posts I’ll copy over from Facebook or Instagram posts… and then into the unknown uncharted territory of sharing myself with the world. The posts from instagram and facebook feel really condensed, I'm excited to share some more full stories on this blog! 

A friend of mine, Mark, said to me a few months ago "you could write a book about you!" it never even crossed my mind... Sharing my life, sharing my story? But is so true! I have so much to share, why keep it to myself in my mental hole of "but what will people think"!!! Fuck it! 

I’m starting from scratch, from a few thousand followers on instagram and my Facebook network…. and my aim is to stay transparent and real while relaying the magic of my life and journey. And inspiring myself others along the way.