Being financially stressed keeps you from creating your best work. 


A letter to the Starving Artist Archetype.


When we are worried about how we are going to put food on the table, our creative genius gets morphed out of proportion, and into the neat little boxes of “should”.


It suffers.


The IDEAL is to open up to creativity and go really deep into the mystery, allowing whatever to come through, to come through. 

And when we don't get to do that because we are stressed about how much money we will make from a piece or if anyone is gonna like it, the piece gets squashed.

The idea gets morphed into something completely different to what it wanted to be. What if your insane crazy genius weirdo wanted to shine through with a totally magical idea of epic proportions but you were too busy wondering if it would sell or not? 

What if instead you took control of your own savings account, looked after yourself financially and let your creative genius weirdo loose without worrying.

Maybe it would be the best thing that could happen to you yet. 

Maybe it would be your best work. 

Maybe it wouldn't. 


Who knows, who cares. 

Making the space to let it flow is important. 

Not judging what comes out is part of the deal. 

This is channelling, and if we're too fucking busy worrying about if something's gonna sell or not then the ideas will go and find someone else to manifest through. 

That is all.



P.S I fucking LOVE Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. 
Here's a small piece on inspiration, one of my favourite excerpts from the book.