My Art is Feeding My Art

snake watermarked Stephanie Rose Freeman sml.jpg

I love what is happening at the moment. 
My art is feeding my art. And I am feeding myself (through working for someone else)

Today I got the first downpayment for this piece “The Great Pregnant Mystery of Unknowing” and filtered it through to booking an Art in Paradise workshop with David Heskin and Aloria Weaver in December.

I’m about to start a series of paintings which will turn into a new laptop - and I can finally have enough space to run Photoshop, and make more art.

It’s really exciting to watch my art beginning to pay for itself, all because I made the choice to look after my base needs by getting a job rather than forcing my art to feed me. Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for that sterling advice in Big Magic.

I just ran my first workshop in Tassie and it filled my cup to the brim, and everyone who attended. More in the pipeline.

Momentum is happening, after a period of stagnancy, and its bloody exciting.