My creations aren't tolerating stagnation.

What if no-one came to my workshop because on some level I didn't want to run it?

I started running the woven mandala workshops to teach myself how to facilitate. 

I’ve ran three now, the last one I did I decided it was too easy. I guess that means I’ve learned how to facilitate that…. And my creations are propelling me to move on. They don’t tolerate stagnation.

No one signed up to my last Woven Mandala workshop - and thats okay!

Images from my last Mandala Drawing Class 

Images from my last Mandala Drawing Class 

I’m gaining momentum on my Mandala Macbook Manifestation Project, and just taught my second Mandala Drawing workshop.

But what I REALLY want to teach is painting! Mandala painting! I want to show people who think they aren’t creative that they really can do it. I want to create rituals that call people back into their creativity, purging all the shit that they believed about their creativity, building new beliefs and then creating a mandala to seal the deal. I know for sure I can teach that!!! 

And that has so much more fire and juice than a boring old weaving workshop. Someone else can teach that! 



The idea of NOT filling one of my new workshops is more scary though - because the idea is closer to my heart. 

But maybe its just gonna work - because the idea is closer to my heart

Aarrrrhh!!!!! Exhiliaration.

I am being asked to move faster than I am! Faster than I thought I was ready for but maybe I am ready! 


Images from my last Mandala Drawing Class

Images from my last Mandala Drawing Class


My plan has always been to travel around Tassie running workshops. Now it seems to be knocking on my door far sooner than I thought it would - I have reduced my hours to 2 days at my hospo day job, interest on my “teaching-myself-how-to-facilitate” workshops has gone down and interest on the workshops I am actually wanting to run has gone up. People from all over are inviting me to do what I actually want to do. 

Gentle nudges from the universe manifesting through people.


“Have you thought about doing mandala workshops for kids?” 

“Have you thought about running one in X town?” 

“There’s a workshop space in Z town” 

"What about in the school holidays?"

"Will you teach me how to paint?"


I’m bursting with ideas for a mandala painting workshop



I feel like the reason why all of this is coming so quickly is because I’m open to the lessons. I’m open to the hard slaps by the universe that pick me up and plop me back on my path again. 

I’m willing to feel all the shitty shit and transmute it into gold. 


A friend posted recently 

"If you want to shine you must be willing to burn” - YEP 

Fire Passion, Image Credit Thinkstock.jpg