My Financial Journey and The Mandala Macbook Manifestation Project 

Mandala 2 macbook (1).png

As many of you know, I am on a huge journey with MONEY at the moment. Learning how to manifest it, how to keep it flowing, how to thrive within the financial realm. I love sharing my findings with you as I’m sure there will come a point where I am living in true financial freedom, inspiring other young artists to do the same. I envision these initial blog posts as signposts for people following in my wake, and that’s really exciting. 


My art/business is going through a huge upgrade right now, which I began by GETTING A JOB. Prior to that moment I had been living solely off my Polymer Clay art very frugally for about a year and ended up resenting my creations. I had barely enough money to get by and spent 90% of my time being an anxious “clay factory”.

The next year I went to art school and received Centrelink Austudy payments, which provided me some temporary relief. I left art school, and I also said goodbye to Centrelink. Cue - FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN


Interesting sidenote - many of the education rules in Australia changed this year,  and I ended up unknowingly leaving art school after the new cut off date for the next semester. So instead of being $10,000 in debt for the two semesters I did last year, I was in $5k extra debt for a third semester I didn’t do! This emotional weight added to my financial breakdown, and AS I WAS TYPING THIS BLOG I just got an email to say that the $5k has been credited to me. What a great synchronicity. 


So, back to getting a job. This has given my survival brain the peace of mind and space to ACTUALLY create what I want to create. To know that I will be able to put food on the table and fuel in the bus. I have been able to re-learn how to save and manage my money (I used to be a pro at saving for huge overseas jaunts!) and to smash through the limiting beliefs that "having money/being a spiritual, connected being" don’t go hand in hand. They do. 


The Starving Artist Archetype FUCKING SUCKS and I'm done living there.


I have been wanting a new computer for a while now, I’ve outgrown my little travelling Macbook Air with its tiny little hard drive that can’t fit photoshop (or anything else!) on it. Every time I want to use that program I have to phone a friend, and while that has proven great for connecting me with people, it’s totally inconvenient. Having photoshop again will mean I can branch into digital art again, which is really exciting. 

My day job affords me the money to exist in the material realm again, but the idea of saving $3k for the Macbook Pro that I want from my job didn’t really excite me. 


Enter, The Mandala Macbook Manifestation Project


The laptop I want is $3000. 

12 x $250 is $3000. 


Twelve 12”x12” Mandalas = A new Macbook Pro for me! 


I am doing this project both as an experiment into selling my work and into the idea of my work feeding itself - I.e. the money to buy a new laptop (a platform to make more art on) coming fully and directly from the art itself.


I began drawing mandalas in 2013 and I stopped a few years ago because I decided everyone was doing it and I "should" be doing something new and different.

Recently I picked up a canvas with the intention of painting a free flow Mandala on it - and went for it. 

It was amazing. 

It comes so naturally to me. 

I love the flow within the structure of mandala creation, and the meditative repetition. 

I had spent about an hour painting, and I had gotten to a point where I LOVED it. But the little conditioned worker bee in the back of my brain made me keep going - because I hadn't "made my time" on it yet. I hadn't "done enough hours" on it yet. I was an employee to my painting trying to prove my worth. But it was already done half an hour ago and I had to spend a lot more time getting back to where it was before. 

A valuable lesson. 

I am learning that what we are meant to be doing is SUPPOSED to come easy to us. 


So part of my experiment is - Can it be done? Can I really materialise a new laptop out of thin air using mandala portals? Using something that comes easily to me?

Fuck yes!