🕸🕯🎨The day my painting showed me my deepest shadow🎨🕯🕸

I remember at one painting workshop I attended, there was a part of my painting that JUST WOULDN’T WORK.


I was trying to paint a flying paintbrush - and I just couldn’t figure out how to paint it. 

I asked for help from one of the teachers.

He couldn’t figure it out either. 


“That’s a very sick paintbrush” he said.

He told me “I think its a demon, not a paintbrush. Sometimes you just have to paint them how they want to be painted”

It wasn’t until I surrendered, listened to the painting and just let my hand do the painting WITHOUT my mind getting in the way, that I got the download.

All these realisations came rushing into my head:

“I’ve been painting for all the wrong reasons!”

“I’ve been painting to try and receive love, and energy rather than to GIVE it”
“My relationship to painting is me trying to GET something.”

“OHHHH, I get it now, I have a sick paintbrush, LITERALLY.”

All the while, this “Sick paintbrush” was becoming more and more real. In the way that IT wanted to.


All of a sudden it was done.

Without a word of a lie, I was thrown off the canvas.

It was like the painting said to me “OK, you’ve got the lesson now! SEEYA!”

I literally stood up and fell backwards.

I tried to get back on my chair and I was pushed backwards again.

My painting had spoken

And so, it was done!!

And that’s the story of Sick Brush. 

Stephanie Rose Freeman Sick Brush.jpg

Painting can be a way to access our subconscious. To access stuff we may not have access to normally.

We can slip into a meditative state and bypass the conscious mind - and get the GOLD NUGGETS from our subconscious.

This is a concept we will be working with at my upcoming course Make Your Visions Real

Painting can be a seriously magical deep exploration if we let it be.

Are you joining us?

We begin 13 Nov.