So I know I have a lot of people on my feed who already know this…. but I would bet that there was an equal amount hiding in the shadows who don’t. 


I’ve been on a 






the past few months. 

And its been amazing, and freeing. 


And you know what? 

I feel SO much more equipped to move forward now. 


Everyone knows I’m shit scared, so its not that scary any more. 

Sharing our humanness is one of the most valuable things we can do. 


Yes I want to be a successful artist. 

Yes I want to be a grounded art rockstar travelling the world and sharing my creations, living an abundant life from doing whatever the hell I want.

I know I can have that.

I’m working towards that.


And if it means sharing my socially conditioned worthlessness with the world to pull it out by the roots, then so be it. I accept! 


I want to stay grounded. 

I want to stay normal.

While cultivating my awesome.


I know I can have that.


My art is on fire the last few weeks, I’ve been pumping out new stuff left right and centre, people keep asking me to run workshops and do commissions and it seems like I’m pretty close to being able to live from my art (which is absolutely terrifying)

And its all because I’ve begun to share the deepest yuckiest parts of myself with the world. Sharing all the shitful shit also means I get to share all the good stuff too, which my tall poppy self is also scared of ("oh what will people think if I ACTUALLY make it!?")


Carolyn Elliott would call it “Unifying the will” bringing our unconscious desires (for me right now - failure and worthlessness) and our conscious wants (success and abundance) into unity and ACTUALLY manifesting the shit we want in our lives. 


It’s a work in progress.