The Importance of Rest

The past few weeks while at my parents house I have had the space to get a lot of stuff done, particularly admin and online. Every day I've been getting up and going to the computer and not stopping until dinner time. But within that space of being totally provided for I have tricked myself into a work-hole and thinking that I don't need to stop. 

Today I need rest. 

Yesterday I needed rest, there was a familiar twinge in my back telling me to stop what I was doing. "But I have to go do this that and the other thing, and THEN I can rest." Eventually I talked myself into checking out, I went to bed and watched Vikings. This morning I woke up with the intention of putting everything to the side and relaxing. So far I have had breakfast, a phone call with a dear friend, browsed Pinterest, had lunch and now I'm laying in the sun with the garden hose.


I can feel my cells regenerating

My body saying thank you. 

The sun energy absorbing into my pores and purifying the indoors stagnation.


I used to lay in the sun because I had low self esteem and being tanned made me feel good about myself. Now it feels like deep regeneration.

I'm shaking my rigorous routine of flipping flat on my back or front, and swapping it for lounging around like a cat or a reptile. 


I feel like a toilet-drowned iPhone being dried out in rice, toxins sucked out. 


Right now I'm feeling the importance of the rest day. I find it easy to fall into the "well I'm doing my art, I'm doing what I love so I don't need to rest" paradigm and that's bullshit.


Today is serving me just as much as a productive admin day or a productive painting day. It's a productive rest day, its productive on the inside. 

Here is my dear friend Ari Amala's video, The Call To Rest, which came at the perfect time and was a great inspiration in me listening to myself, and also in sharing my experience of my call to rest.