This is what happens when I charge what I’m worth



I ran my Art of Mandala Painting workshop last weekend, and for the first time I charged what the workshop was ACTUALLY worth. 


I had been charging $50 a head until now, for small half day workshops while I had been teaching myself how to teach. Now I’ve gained confidence in my abilities, I gave myself a pay rise.

$150 for a full day workshop. 


What. a. relief. 

One person comes and I’ve covered the room hire and materials. Another person, and all the food is sorted, and I go home with $100. Any more than that and I’m smoothly sailing. It may not sound like much but its revolutionary compared to the stress of having to find 5 people to make it worthwhile.


Every time I run a workshop I learn something new. Every time, I get a reflection of exactly what I need to learn in that moment. 


My earlier workshops brought up a whole heap of my shadow, an undercurrent of worthlessness that unconsciously dictated everything I did, and in turn attracted only a few people to each workshop.

This time, I felt that “worthlessness” dropping away… I put my price up to something much more congruent with my offering, and made it easier for myself to make what I am worth. 

I also realised there was only so much wading in self indulgent pity that I could do before I started to look at factors outside myself - Hobart is a city of 200,000 people…. my niche is very small here, and fits outside the average Tasmanian’s interests. 

I’m heading back to Melbourne at the end of January and am looking forward to building my workshop network there. A city of almost 4 million people - thats a 1800% increase in potential attendees, and a whole range of subculture and counterculture to plant myself into. 

No wonder I have been floundering here! 

Don’t get me wrong, Tassie is gorgeous, and an amazing place to visit for the adventurous, but its not the best place for me to build an abundant business in a relatively narrow niche, and I had to come back here to figure that out.  



Another thing that came from charging what I am worth is the ability to GIVE more. “Give from your overflow” said a friend of mine, and it rings true for workshops too. Even though I only had two attendees I was able to provide an opulent platter for lunch and the use of top quality paint. I want my workshops to be about the whole experience - delicious juicy food, satisfying quality materials, creative abundance and plenty, and the only way that I can give that is if I ask for what I need to provide it. 

This is what I'm working towards providing... yuMMMM via  Spell

This is what I'm working towards providing... yuMMMM via Spell


Charging what we are worth is an act of self care.
It says - I'm looking after myself, I'm looking after my needs and my ability to give, both to myself and to others. 


So, on that note, Tassie, you have two more chances to work with me - one is this Saturday and the other is a retreat I am holding with the Vortex Healing Centre in January

You can find out more and book HERE