Thriving Creatively 001 - SNED

In this blog interview series I am interviewing inspiring artists about their journeys.

Through asking real artists real questions, I am aiming to create an inspirational and varied online portal for artists - both starting out and established.

I feel called to help artists move out of the Poor Artist Archetype, and part of this includes broadcasting the perspectives of creatives who are thriving in their field. 

I have a bunch of incredible artists and human beings pondering their answers at the moment, and the first interview, I am excited to announce, is the musical wizard, SNED!



Walk me through a typical day in your art practise.

Wake up, shower - in the shower is typically where I have mental breakthroughs that help pave the way forward for my day’s creations. Next step - write them down. Anything awesome that I don’t record gets lost in the infinite stream of ideas. For years, I have also been practicing ‘morning pages’ - a daily stream-of-consciousness/auto-writing practice that really helps open up the creative and visionary gateways (Google it). Through this process I get to explore my mind and inner world, and record the best bits - the bits I actually want to bring forward into the world.

I find writing down my day’s creative goals at the outset is of prime importance - often this is ideas about how to finally get that bit of the song to work, how to configure a certain piece of gear or software, what edits I need to make to a piece of music, etc. The important ones get done :D

Often I put aside entire days to focus on a particular creation, a particular song or piece of work. Allowing my brain to have that sense of roaming, ranging freedom with time really opens me up. Scheduling is an important part of my art, to ensure I get the work done.

To be honest tho - there is no typical day! My schedule is amazingly full of various musical engagements and creative pursuits, and every day is different - so I take any chance I can get to sit down and create. Every gap between students, every spare 20 minutes on a train, I’m there with my laptop, working away! Doing the work is the practice, and the most important aspect of the practice.

How do you thrive financially?

Following years of putting a lot of time and work into my skills, I’m now at a level where I can offer them professionally. Which is a great feeling! Having niche skills and abilities are where it’s at - and if you really put your time into developing them, you will be sought out. I teach electronic music production at Oxygen College in Geelong, and also run my own short courses on Ableton Live software. For years I have been passing on my knowledge with instruments and music theory, and with this also tutor musicians 1:1 privately in my home studio.

How do you connect the realms of sexuality and art creation?

I know that when I am sexually satisfied, my creative drive and power is at it’s greatest. It has always been the case. Sexuality is one of the purest expressions of our creative drive, I believe - it's literally how we as a universe create ourself - the pure longing, excitement, curiosity and passion that we experience through sexuality is an incredible example, a metaphor, a simulation, an actualised and experienced expression of our over-arching desire to create, to make, to improve, to diversify, to explore, to evolve. It’s the ultimate practice of creation. No wonder it leaves us so creatively empowered.

How do you price your work?

Incrementally :D Over the years, I have learned and admitted that my time and knowledge are valuable and useful. The most useful and important things we can have are skills and knowledge. When you’ve spent a significant chunk of your life attaining these, they continue to grow incrementally more valuable. Depending on what you are offering, it can be important to look at the market, and price yourself accordingly. Simultaneously, those unique, indispensable things that are unique to you and your art - they are priceless - and should be priced accordingly. Definitely at a higher rate than we may initially think :D

Do you encounter self sabotage? If so, how do you move through it?

YES - daily. Well, I’m going to call it ‘resistance’. I encounter, or recognise, resistance on a daily basis - and as the years go on have grown better at not letting it become actual sabotage. But of course sabotage still occurs.

Resistance is a factor in the life of any artist - any person working to create something new, change something for the better, or do something that has never been done. The resistance comes primarily from a part of the brain called the Hypothalamus - which controls fear, anger, sex, and cravings for food. It is one of the most ancient parts of our brain (the ‘reptile’ brain). It’s responsible for the little voice that says "I can’t… I don’t know how… I’m not good enough yet… I’m not good with this kinda thing… I’m not smart enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not thin enough. I’m not strong enough. I’m not talented enough. I don’t have enough money. I’d rather do it later. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

The resistance is always lieing - but it is powerful, and needs to be recognised. The job of the artist is to overcome the resistance, and turn up to do the work, regardless of what the resistance says :D The fear is a made up story in the mind. We no longer have ANY need to hide. In fact, these days, with our connection and trust based economy - hiding ourselves and our art is the dangerous thing.

What is your relationship with Inspiration?

I seek it! And ensure I note down inspired ideas and feelings when they come, so they are remembered. Taking action is really all that matters in the end, with art - so seeking inspirational thoughts and feelings are a fundamental part of creating an internal world of motivated, persistent, habitual action within myself. In turn, I aim for my words and actions to also be inspirational for others - to pass on all the goodness I spend so much of my time absorbing - to share inspiration and allow it to be readily accessible for others who share my space, time, and life.

Do you have any art rituals that you feel to share?

Keeping a clean space that is always ready to create within. Walking, whilst listening to inspirational teachings and talkings by creatives whose words resonate with me and further iniate the drive for action within. Watching YouTube videos of my creative muses before sitting down to a session of composing. Dance - dance is such a powerful exploration of both the inner and outer words - I find that a huge amount of my creative visioning also comes through dance. The most important ritual of all tho - DEADLINES! Ensuring that I have adequate and constant deadlines is quite possibly the most important ritual that I have. Deadlines ensure that I actually do the work. Deadlines ensure that I make the plans, take the steps, and do my best. They ensure that I take action, and they ensure that I deliver.

How can people connect to you? Instagram, Facebook, Website?