Take your work up a notch with shit-hot materials!


As with many things, you get what you pay for with paint.

If you buy the shit paint from the $2 shop, it’s watered down and the pigments suck

If you get the mid-range stuff from the art store, its semi-decent
This paint is what I learned with. It’s what most people learn with.

And then I had the chance to try another artist’s top-shelf paint.

I actually didn’t realise how much better it would be.

These paints are anywhere from $17-$70 a tube, sometimes even more depending on the pigment.

It’s a huge investment. And I didn’t realise how worth-it it was, until I tried them.

I watched colours spread upon the canvas like never before. The colour was INTENSE. I was also on LSD… but STILL. the colours were incredible. The pigments were inspiring.

Quality Oil Paints are smooth and buttery and FULL of pigment - full of life.

Same goes for top-shelf acrylics.

I’ve made the change from mid-range paints to the top level stuff… and I’m NEVER going back.

You get what you pay for.

In my painting workshops, I love giving people the same experience I had a few years ago. (Minus the LSD, haha!!)

They just can’t compare!!

If you’re an artist looking to upgrade to the best paints,

Here are my recommendations:

Oils - Old Holland, Williamsburg, Michael Harding and Gamblin

Acrylics - Golden Brand. I love Golden’s Fluid Acrylic range because I like to paint thinly.

And if you wanna give the good stuff a go, while learning how to paint in my style:

My painting workshop Make Your Visions Real begins no the 6th of Feb

6 weeks of magical painting techniques - you’ll learn exactly how I paint. It’s gonna be super magical