✨Why I love designer candles - and other useless shit✨

I’ve been struggling a lot with the idea of sales lately. Trying to sell something that I believe isn’t necessary.


Art isn’t necessary - evolutionarily speaking


Its beautiful, striking, divine, can bring humans to their knees and be so moving as to invoke tears. But I’m struggling with its necessity.


I’m struggling to figure out how it solves any huge problems in peoples lives and being able to leverage that to sell it with ease.


I have no idea how to get people to buy stuff when I don’t think they need it.


I feel like I’m creating unnecessary objects. and thats probably why i’m useless at selling


Ive had a HUUUUGE vent about that in the business mentoring group I’m a part of… and might share some of it here too, for realness, ya know.

But for now I’ll share my candle realisation.




I love candles


Particularly the hundred dollar kind


They feel special. They say “I care about myself” “I love myself” “I treat myself” and every time I burn them I feel rich as fuck.


I used to be a lot more into them than I am now. I stopped when I went into my hippy phase and renounced money and the designer lifestyle I once aspired to.


But yesterday, I found myself in Mecca in Myer. Its one of my favourite places for getting off on expensive perfume, dousing myself in it, and saying “when I’ve got money again I’ll buy this as a gift to myself”


I’m not a flippant spender by any means. I’ve been living off the smell of an oily rag for the last few years.


But I’m over that lifestyle, I LOVE nice things. Nice, unnecessary things. I like my house to look good, be filled with texture and and scent and beauty, and I want to be able to treat myself when I want.


HELLO STEPH, that shit isn’t evolutionarily necessary either!!

But I still love it!


So why do I have such a problem with selling my so called not-evolutionarily-neccessary art?


The art that goes on peoples walls and reminds them:


“I care about myself”


“I love myself”


“I treat myself”


and makes them feel rich as fuck.


#learning #alwayslearning