JUMP and the net will appear.

I’m really loving how it feels like I’m co-creating with the universe at the moment.

I’ve felt so cut off from the universe for so long. Now I’m back. And life is FLOWING.

Being willing to actually take action seems to be the key here.

For example - yesterday morning I made a new Instagram account for my new photography-side-hustle-offering @freerosephoto

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I didn’t even have the camera yet - AND still needed $400 more to be able to buy it new.

Yesterday afternoon I had a spidey sense to check gumtree - this often happens to me with cheap flights etc, all of a sudden it will pop into my head “do it now!”

Low and behold someone had just listed the camera I wanted for $200 cheaper than I was expecting to pay.

It had been listed for under an hour.

I paid a deposit on the camera which I’m picking up on Thursday, then put a shoutout to my tribe that I’m doing 5 $200 shoots while I figure out what I’m doing.

All 5 shoots sold, and then some. WOW.

JUMP and the net will appear!!! 
I feel like that’s part of the magic. Trusting that we’re supposed to go wherever we’re guided.

And actually going there. Actually DOING IT is the most important part.

What do you wanna do? 
Go and freaken do it! 
Or at least take the first step, something magical might happen.


PS I took this photo of ALPHAMAMA on a borrowed version of the same camera I’m getting on Thursday 😄