Many Pies = Many Money Channels

My housemate and I were reflecting on how I have my fingers in so many pies at the moment.

Paintings, yoni paintings, vulva earrings, a cafe day job.

I realised that all these "pies" came from me trying to figure out how to earn money while I’m working towards my first exhibition. 
I’ve been making heaps of art I’m not able to sell any of it - YET.

But thats okay - I’m loving finding all the other avenues that can make me money. 
I’m committed to learning how to thrive as an artist.

And I’ve found another pie that I want to stick my finger into.


I don’t think I can call myself a photographer just yet.

But I can call myself a woman with a half decent camera who can take good pictures - and is good at Lightroom and Photoshop.

And I can also say that taking photos is a much better use of my time and creative flair than working in a cafe.

I’m not gonna take that leap yet though. I’ve learned the hard way many times what happens when I leap into self employment with no safety net.

The best way forward for me right now is to keep my two-days-a-week day job and build all my other pies on the side.

I started offering photoshoots at $200 each while I figure out what I'm doing  - all of them sold!
So cool! 

Here's one I took at a shoot a few months ago.

Here's one I took at a shoot a few months ago.


If you've followed my journey for a while, you'll know that my money story hasn't always been so positive! It feels REALLY good to be shifting that now and actually making money from my art!