Coming face to face with my unconsciousness around money


The other day I did a coaching session with one of the epic coaches in the Business Mentoring Mastermind I’ve been doing this year.

I wanted guidance around money. My biggest learning ground at the moment.


She walked me through my financial world and laid it out clearly for me.

I spent a lot of the time crying.


I found out that the little 7 year old with the yellow Dollarmites wallet (anyone else had one of those??) is STILL ruling my financial world. I still have the same bank account as I did back then. One of my homework tasks is to change banks.




Another of my tasks - putting the business learnings on hold while I get my shit together.


This means getting a day job. I’ve been in and out of day jobs since I started living off my creativity in 2015.

Every time I quit a job with a wad of cash I stride out of there, victorious - “Hurrah! I’ve done it! This is the last time I have to be a slave for someone else’s dreams!! Time to live my own!”

And I do it for a while.

And its awesome for a while!

But then my funds start to dwindle.

And I ignore it, and continue on my merry way, tricking myself into thinking that I’m “totally on path” and “aligned”…. but my bank account certainly isn’t.

And then the facade crumbles and the reality hits me like a ton of bricks.



This time last year I came face to face with my money unconsciousness and a year later I'm back in the same spot. My bank account is dry.

I learned some huge money lessons within the last 12 months but obviously not deep enough.



This time though -











I commit to looking after myself. 

I will NOT be a starving artist.




I'm sharing this because I want to be real. People tell me I'm inspiring almost every day, and it's amazing to feel that support - but I also want to share my whole journey. All the ups and downs. I'm not asking for advice, I have a strong action plan - just sharing ✨