I know SOOOOO MANY PEOPLE have this block!

Hell, even I had this block.

I remember when I first realised I wanted to be an artist.

I had been making jewellery and selling it at markets for a living.

But deep down I REALLY wanted to be painting.

I wanted to be a painter.

I wanted that to be my life.

“But I think I’m shit!!”
“I don’t know how to paint!”
“I don’t know how to draw people!!”

My friend told me about a 7 day Visionary Art retreat happening in the Byron Hinterland. I signed up. I WAS SHIT SCARED.

I was scared of making a fool of myself. I was scared I couldn’t paint.

I was scared that other people would be better than me!

In my fear of being shit, I even signed up for art school, which was to begin 2 wks after the Visionary Art retreat. (I hated it) <<<LINK

Going to that retreat was the BEST thing I ever did. It kickstarted my creativity.

We spent our days painting, talking about astrology, smudging our paintings with sage, (cough) expanding our consciousness (cough) and doing magic.

OHHH YESSSSS. My kinda place.

I learned through direct experience that I was NO WHERE NEAR as shit as I thought I was. I expanded SO freaking much during that week, on so many levels.

I learned new techniques from a self-taught artist.
I learned about magic.
I learned about myself, THROUGH my painting.

My heart was open.

My confidence soared. 

I could be an artist!!!

Then I went to art school. It was DRY. AS. FUCK.

There was no astrology. No heart connection. No deep group container. No vulnerability

There was only dryness and constriction and the total opposite of creativity.

I quit after a year.
No way were they gonna squish my spirit.

I’ve been carving my own path as an artist ever since.

And now I want to share myself with YOU

I wanna share what I’ve learned and found along the way.

Make Your Visions Real begins on 13th NOV

We’ll be going deep in a safe group container, delving into our subconscious through our art, and I’ll be teaching my technique to YOU!

Are you feeling the call?