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How working on a superyacht primed me for living in a bus.

A few years ago I worked as a stewardess on superyachts as a way to fund my travels. I would spend a few months licking the arses of the mega rich and living in a shoebox so I could travel for double that time. Here is an interview for those interested. I did two Mediterranean seasons and one two week stint in Miami before I suddenly flew home on an intuitive call and within a few months and many strange twists of events, I ended up with a bus that I now call my home.

Note - these photos show 2% of the life of a yachtie, the rest is scrubbing toilets. 

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What's #vanlife like?

..............Not having to pay rent. This is a big one. I am so grateful that the money I earn can go straight to my living costs, amenities usage and becoming debt free! However the other side of it is not having anywhere permanent to live. I have been so lucky in that I have always found like minded folk with flat driveways who are more than happy to have me. This brings me to my next point - throwing yourself out into the open for the world to care for you. I lived self contained on a quiet street in Melbourne's Clifton Hill for 4 months before I found somewhere permanent to stay. I was safe that whole time and was never bothered............ 

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