Galactic Cactus

From my facebook/instagram -

The Cactus Mandala is finished!

Here's the story of how it was born....
A few years ago I was in San Jose Del Pacifico in Mexico, a town famous for magic mushrooms. I was drawing a lot of mandalas at the time and while I was there I drew a magic mushroom mandala.
When I got back to Australia I did a big UV reactive mushroom mandala for a festival in Tassie, I had mushrooms at the festival and looked at my creation and i
t... Reacted just as you would expect something made for mushrooms would react! Ha!
Another time I looked at it with Cactus as my ally.. It did nothing! It basically said "I'm made for mushrooms.. I don't wanna play your cactus game!" And all of a sudden it dawned on me that I needed to make a Cactus mandala. And now almost two years later it's finished!