Priestess Yoni Portal

Stephanie rose Freeman Priestess Portal watermarked.jpg

I’m so excited to finish this painting. It was the first vision I materialised in paint, and the first time I really realised what I had gotten myself into with “I want to be a Visionary Artist”.
The story of this painting began at a doof called Void in the Blue Mountains in December last year. This was not my party. The music was intentionally headfucky and confusing and the crowd were a bit “off”. 
We arrived and set up camp, and a guy turns up by the name of Damon. (Noted later, one letter off from “Demon”). He offered us some love potion that he had made with Damiana, Manuka honey and Vodka.
“Yaay! Love potion! PAAARTY!” we all had a shot.
He looked me right in the eyes as I had mine. 

Later that night, I wound up in the bus with him and a few other friends who were tangled up on my bed.
This man did not come with an energy of reverence or even much respect, his energy was TAKE. He told me he was a vampire! He told me he was poly with two girlfriends who hated each other! He told me he was trying to sleep with someone new EVERY WEEK! AND he was kissing me! How the hell did I get here??? All of a sudden from somewhere unbeknownst to me, the words poured out of my mouth “And just like that I’m not feeling it any more”, after a bit more persuasion that “No, I would not be feeling it later on", I walked him to the dance floor and thanked him for teaching me about my boundaries. I walked back away from the headfucky music and laid down in the bus, I closed my eyes.

Two women appeared. My Priestess(es). Surrounded by red curtains, they were adorned with hundreds of silver coins, billowing silks and holding giant shining anchors encrusted with rubies and emeralds. The anchors were pendulums, swinging like guillotines. “The temple is closed” They said to me. “We’re protecting you.”
A few months later I attended Adam Scott Miller's Art is Magick retreat at Paradise One, I’d talked to friends with ideas of "easier" paintings, the excuse of “I can’t draw people!” Blah blah blah, all of them said to paint this vision. “Do the thing that will challenge you the most” 
So off I went…. I could never have fathomed what was to come. 
I could never have fathomed the wisdom I received from this painting. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into, and how deep it would go… 
All of a sudden they were standing in front of a gilded temple doorway shaped like a giant Yoni. The doors were BOLTED. I looked at the drawing in front of me…. it looked so hard and angular, like no one was EVER getting in… all of a sudden the doors turned into a portal to another realm, with Kuan Yin on the other side, and the anchor chains started falling apart, while my real-life reference material turned from chains into string. What an amazing cathartic process! 
After the retreat I was so scared to even touch the painting for fear of fucking it up. I worked on it not even a handful of times in a few months, once under the guidance of Katia and Daniel in a mini workshop.
The last month I’ve been chipping away at it with renewed confidence and now here it is! Along with the realisation that the Priestess still shines her light so brightly with the knowledge that she is always protected by her boundaries. Along with another realisation that yes I can draw people and shock horror I CAN draw faces!