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My creations aren't tolerating stagnation.

What if no-one came to my workshop because on some level I didn't want to run it?

I started running the woven mandala workshops to teach myself how to facilitate. 

I’ve ran three now, the last one I did I decided it was too easy. I guess that means I’ve learned how to facilitate that…. And my creations are propelling me to move on. They don’t tolerate stagnation.

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The tricky little beast of Self Sabotage

I’m sitting here in a brain fog, my fingers don’t want to begin typing this article. I cant even remember what it was about actually? 

Oh yeah.

Self Sabotage. 


The ultimate safety mechanism straight from my survival brain, it will do ANYTHING to stop me from succeeding. ANYTHING to stay under the level where complaining and struggle is no longer present. Because what will I have to hold on to then? If I succeed, everyones gonna hate me because I’m successful. (limiting belief #1) And I don’t want to be disliked (limiting belief #2) so, enter self sabotage.

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How to go to Art School Without Going to Art School

This is as much a list for me as it is for my readers. And is probably biased towards painting. 

Copy other artists work. This is quite literally getting a direct transmission from the artist through their work. You retrace their brush strokes and you learn how they paint. You will probably teach yourself completely different ways of making the same marks. Obviously in this case it is a STUDY, don't go around saying it's yours. This is done in art school ALL THE TIME so no need to feel guilty, plus instead of copying someone irrelevant to you, you can copy one of your favourite artists! 

Go to life drawing class. Drawing from life is very valuable practise that can’t be replicated. You could draw your friends, get them to get naked for you and have a drawing party with a bunch of friends. Take it in turns being the subject.


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