Care Instructions


PRINT Care Advice 

Handle as little as possible.

Ensure hands are washed or wear gloves.

Keep away from dust and frame as soon as possible.

Try to keep away from direct sunlight.

Keep print in its plastic packaging until it is framed. It can be stored in the postage tube as long as it is INSIDE THE PLASTIC.


Professional, acid free framing behind museum glass will keep this print in optimum condition - however this is the most expensive option.

Alternatively, beautiful frames can be purchased at FRAMES READYMADE in Brunswick, Vic for very reasonable prices.

Officeworks, IKEA, etc will also have suitable frames.


Take great care when handling your painting. Make sure your hands are clean or wear cotton gloves.

It is best not to touch the face of the painting - handle it by the frame only.

Hanging out of direct sunlight will prolong the life of your painting.

For more info on care for original art, please visit this website