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Deep dive into your creative centre in this magical painting intensive with Stephanie Rose Freeman.

Using art as our spiritual practise, we explore the wondrous realms of our subconscious through art creation. We use our paintings as manifestation tools to create our own reality.


Magic happens when we paint our visions. 

Things start to happen in our outside world that influence the painting. Things happen in the painting that influence our outside world…

We might receive downloads or initiations into different parts of ourselves. 

Our creativity opens us up to more synchronicity.

We literally Make Our Visions Real.

On and off the canvas.

It’s really magical, and totally joyful

And it’s all a mystery until we start creating.

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I cannot rate this course highly enough! Steph is an incredible human, artist and teacher who holds an impressive amount of painting wisdom. Her way of teaching is pure magic, not only in the visioning process but also in her clear way of communicating the instructions, making age old techniques appear simple enough for someone who had never used oils to create a whole painting from scratch, and fall in love with it.
My painting is something I never thought I could possibly create, and it was thanks to her loving and patient guidance, spaceholding and trust in our inner artist abilities to come forth and create our magic
No BS in this course, only the courage to envision and manifest your dreams with epic materials and techniques, in a beautiful atmosphere, with gorgeous people.
I can’t thank you enough Steph for bringing such joy and inspiration into my life. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am forever grateful to have met you
— Katie Starkey

“I’m ready to book - Take my money!!”

…or read on

Have you got a vision, a dream that you want to make manifest on the canvas, but aren’t sure how to start?

Ever looked at - or purchased! - a bunch of art materials and felt TOTALLY PARALYSED to use them? There’s so many options, its overwhelming? 

I feel you!

Want to learn how to create beautiful art with like-minded magical folk? - Sprinkle your esoteric knowledge on your art while immersed in the mystic chatter of an art studio filled with spiritual creators

There’s really nothing quite like the buzz of creating art with a bunch of like-minded humans - and you definitely don’t get this vibe at art school! 

In truth... I’m an art school drop out, assessment bored me, classes were filled with the same old history montages of famous male painters... and I also learned minimal techniques while at the institution. But I was longing to re-engage and re-imagine my own artistic practise with professional support... and then I saw “Make Your Visions Real.” In this class I found a teacher who is nurturing and giving and she holds and supports a truly magical space for all. What a beautiful group of artists!. Thank you so very much.
But it’s also the highly practical magic- the old master’s secrets she reveals, the techniques and their application that gave me more confidence with using oils and honouring myself as an artist. I am deeply committed to my art practise more than ever and Steph really provided practical magic and techniques to strengthen my continued journey. Anyone craving creative release, anyone aching for a gentle approach to artistic practise with a real emphasis on technique, sharing and trusting one’s own artistic impulses - go on the journey with Steph asap.
— Misbah Wolf


Over 4.5 days, we dive into a step-by step process of visioning, photography, digital art and oil painting. 

At the core of this intensive is a transmission of a simple, modern take on age-old oil painting techniques used by master painters.

You’ll learn easeful hacks to create a piece of art that looks exactly like what you see in your mind’s eye!

We will gently move through the conditioning that comes with creativity.

Through this process we will give ourselves permission to share our art in a safe container and then in the world.

No matter your experience level, you’ll hone your skills in an array of mediums.

You’ll create a broad knowledge base to continue making more beautiful art after the course.

Explore the sacred dimensions of art creation, deep group work and personal practise with a supportive tribe of magical creators.

Cultivate your magic through creativity and bathe in a pool of inspiration for you to create a healthy art practise at home. 

Learn Steph’s modern take on techniques of the old masters - the exact technique she uses to create her paintings.

Follow the call of your inner artist, and give yourself the gift of 5 days of uninterrupted creativity!

Come paint with us!





MELBOURNE May 2019 intensive:

Weds May 8th - 5pm - 8pm

Thurs May 9th - 10am - 5pm

Fri May 10th - 10am - 5pm

Sat May 11th - 10am - 5pm

Sun May 12th - 10am - 5pm


Providence Art Space,

Abbotsford Convent,


Payment Plans Available

What you get:

  • Learn Steph’s modern take on techniques of the old masters - the EXACT technique used to create her paintings.

  • Access to a spiritual art community of creative souls.

  • Access to $1000 of the highest quality art materials

  • Your own materials pack worth $90 AUD, included.

  • Simple, step by step tuition, tailored to your needs.

  • Deep connection to self through art

  • The tools to manifest your reality with your creativity.

  • Hacks and skills to create.a painting that looks like the real thing!

  • A broad knowledge base of art materials, including:

  • Digital art and photoshop image manipulation

  • Acrylic ground and underpainting

  • Advanced oil painting skills and techniques.

  • Photography for painting references

  • And an exhibition! - Show your friends what you made!

Yes! I’m Ready to Make My Visions Real!


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