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It’s time to make your visions real

In this workshop series I’ll be guiding you through the magical psychic process of birthing a visionary painting.

Over 6 sessions, we will explore the sacred dimensions of art creation, deep group work and personal practise.

We’ll be delving into the wondrous realms of your subconscious through a step-by step series of visioning, photography, digital art and oil painting. 

I’ll be teaching you the exact technique I use to create my paintings.

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MAGIC happens when we paint our visions. Things start to happen in our outside world that influence the painting. Things happen in the painting that influence our outside world. 

Our creativity opens us up to more synchronicity.

We might receive downloads or initiations into different parts of ourselves. On the canvas, and THROUGH the art.

It’s really magical.

And it’s all a mystery until we start creating!

We will gently move through the conditioning that comes with creativity.

Through this process we will give ourselves permission to share our art in a safe container and then in the world.

No matter your experience level, you’ll hone your skills in an array of mediums.

You’ll create a broad knowledge base to continue making more beautiful art after the course.

Come paint with us!

All experience levels welcome


I recently completed Steph’s ‘Make your Visions real’ Workshop and just wanted to share how much I took away from this experience. Steph welcomed each participant with respect, love and enthusiasm, regardless of level of experience, artistic ability, profession, age or background. She was open, raw, authentic and honest about her own journey and clarified that this was her first course, despite running a multitude of 1-day workshops. I found her talent to be immense and her spirit to be truly radiant and beautiful. Each class brought something unique and different and Steph’s patience, sense of fun and encouragement, made each lesson pleasurable and exciting. I love what I created and will continue to improve upon the skills I learnt through the course. The sense of sisterhood amongst the group was an added and unexpected bonus and I feel not only do I walk away with a beautiful piece of art and new skills, but I am also fortunate to have made some amazing new friends in this magical group of beings! Thank you so much to Steph and indeed, all of you in my course, for this joy-filled and memorable experience. I highly recommend taking the journey!
— Bekah, Melbourne


6 sessions

For 5 weeks we will meet on a WEDNESDAY evening, then the final session will be a SUNDAY 8 hour open studio, culminating in a sharing circle to close the course.


Session Dates:

WEDS 6 feb - 5-9pm

WEDs 13 feb 5-9PM

WEDs 20 feb 5-9PM

WEDs 27 feb 5-9PM

WEDs 6 march 5-9PM

Sun 10 march 9am-5pm (full day)


Providence Art space, Abbotsford Convent

1 st heliers street, abbotsford, 3067

Other info:

You will need to purchase your own brushes.

A list of recommended brushes, palette and other optional materials will be provided to you in an email 1 month prior to the workshop

Either pay in full, or create a 2-6 week payment plan, depending on your financial needs.

Thank you Steph for sharing your passion for art and beauty with me. It was such a powerful experience journeying with you. Thanks for providing the space for my painting to come through and the techniques and guidance to get it out on the canvas. Not only did this course feed my inner artist, it was transformational for me as a creative to be in a room each week with other inspired creatives. My painting feels like a prayer and ritual memory now of self acceptance & realisation and I’m excited to keep painting. Deepest love and gratitude for this experience!! Mostly, I had so much fun and the paintings were so diverse and so beautiful! Thank you Steph, you’re an amazing facilitator and I hope more people get to journey with you and make art magic.
— Reika, Melbourne

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