The Yoni Painting Ritual


My most loved offering.

My unique gift to the world




Relaxing on a nest of cushions, eating chocolate and strawberries, you slip into a meditative state while an artist works behind the canvas.

The space is held.

You are safe here, to be as you are.


Your only task is to dissolve into your radiance. To melt into your wholeness


All the while I am transfiguring you

Painting you 

Worshipping you with my brush 

Honouring you and immortalising your uniqueness.


Your Yoni is the ultimate muse.


You are so worthy of this gift to yourself. 


Set the Scene:

You come to my home in Warrandte, Victoria where a temple space is waiting for you..

Candles, chocolate, incense, music.

You can unwind and watch the trees while I paint your most sacred place.

I can also come to you for a small fee

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What You Get:

3-4 hour Ritual & Painting experience, honouring and immortalising your Yoni.

9x12 Inch Oil Painting of your Yoni on mounted board. Ready to hang.

The ultimate self-love gift.




My journey with Steph allowed me to enter and explore the depths of my core creative desires which simultaneously and profoundly blessed me with healing, reconnection and explosive enlivenment. Steph’s work, is dedicated, sacred service to the feminine and I am so grateful for our time together. I feel that when exploring our edges we can only expand so far as the container that is held for us. Rather than getting pushed off an edge, Steph’s holding and energy invites you to dive in to the depths of the purest parts of your own self love, expression and worship. Steph’s artwork, to me, is the physicalization and the reflection of the deep ritual space that is held and offered, through the refined and talented vessel who Steph is.
— C, Sydney
In the lead up to my Yoni Painting Ritual with Steph, I was filled with trepidation. The feelings of shame and embarrassment I felt around my whole body, and my Yoni especially have been with me since puberty. Crass boys had said things, porn had mislead me to believe I was abnormal. I was finding the notion of showing the part of my body that I have been ashamed of showing doctors and beauticians to someone I have a friendship with, to be terrifying. But, where we find resistance is where the growth and healing is! Steph was so gentle and I felt so much trust with her as I disrobed and lay in a comfy nest of cushions. Throughout the time Steph was painting me, I felt completely comfortable, respected and held in a place of love which was exactly what I needed. When Steph finished the painting and revealed it to me, I was overcome with emotion. Tears of gratitude and love and heart expansion! My Yoni is so beautiful and to see my Yoni on canvas, painted with such love and softness was an experience I desperately needed to have. I am so grateful to Steph for offering this opportunity for healing and expansion.
— S, Sydney
Hey Steph , Just wanted to say how great I have felt since I had the Yoni painting session with you. You made me feel so comfortable and beautiful and it’s like a weight id been carrying around for ever had been lifted from my shoulders. I think what you’re doing is so great, and I wish all my friends could come see you - and feel the way I felt when I left you with my canvas . Women all need to compliment and support each other more in this world and your a little girl making a big difference and I’m so glad I could be part of it. I’ll treasure my painting for ever, it’s actually up on my wall in the lounge room! I live in a house full of girls and the others love it ❤️. Thank you pretty much , for giving me confidence and happiness with my naked body. I love you always ❤️
— E, Sydney
Yoni Painting Ritual - In Person
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Yoni Painting Ritual - In Person
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A 3-4 hour Ritual & Painting experience, honouring and immortalising your Yoni.

You receive a 9x12 Inch Oil Painting of your Yoni
on mounted board. Ready to hang.

The ultimate self-love gift.

Pay in Full
Yoni Painting Ritual - Distance

For those who can’t make it to an in-person session, this Yoni Painting Ritual is done via photo.

Painted with oils from a photo you have emailed me, this Yoni Painting is created with an intention of devotion and healing.

Perfect for those who live overseas or interstate, and can’t make it to an in-person session, or would simply like to commission me to paint a portrait of their Yoni!

Finished painting is 9x12 inches, varnished and ready to hang.

Oil paints take time to dry, so please allow up to 6 weeks for your painting to be shipped.

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